marking of ink and pen

I believe, as I learned from women in Guatemala, that “the hands are sweet”: letters, clothes, and tortillas are better with the taste of the palm in them. Ink has eros in it, & a postage stamp is still provocative. If you would like to send me a piece of paper containing the taste of your thoughts, I will always have a mailbox at 4334 CALAVERITAS RD.  SAN ANDREAS, CALIFORNIA 95249.

For more instantaneous communication and inquiries regarding writing assistance, please contact me by way of grafista (at) francescapreston (dot) com. I offer sophisticated writing consultation and editing services at very affordable rates. I am known for the precision and grace with which I weave words, and for my ability to preserve the texture of the spoken voice within the written. Languages, and the marks made to represent them, are formed and changed by the individuals who use them, the materials at hand, and the unique geography of every place.